The global economy operates on a debt-based monetary system. Money is debt. And debt is money!

According to ING bank economists, total global debt has reached approximately $223 trillion.

Globally, DEBT is currently a $200+ trillion ever-increasing PROBLEM and the biggest business OPPORTUNITY on earth!

According to a February 2014 study by the McKinsey Global Institute, “Total global debt is up 40% since 2007 to about $200 trillion. As a percentage of GDP, “debt is now higher in most nations than it was before the crisis” of 2008/2009.

Despite the economic rebound since 2009, McKinsey found that the debt of households, corporations and especially governments continues to rise.

Do you know the specific threats this massive debt bubble — the largest in history — poses to you, investors and the global economy?

McKinsey warns of potential risks and global financial crisis created by the latest surge in debt.

But the danger is far larger and more imminent than the report suggests as you’ll see in the real-time Government data on how DEBT IS INCREASING EVERY SECOND in 49 countries at debt clock .


Sometimes, businesses and governments are not able to repay their debts due to adverse economic situations.

For example, Greece owes over $363 billion in debt and is insolvent. When borrowers — whether they are countries, companies or individuals — do not pay their debts on time, they are in default.

For practical purposes, then, Greece — which on the 30th of June, 2015 failed to make a scheduled debt repayment of about 1.5 billion euros, or $1.7 billion, to the I.M.F. — has defaulted.

Indeed, Greece is in a critical DEBT CRISIS. We know how difficult, time-consuming, unpleasant and challenging the task of collecting money from debtors can be. Particularly, when they don’t have cash to repay their debt.

This means that creditors may not be able to recover their money sometimes. This is why bad loans and bad debts are the biggest problems facing most businesses, banks, financial institutions, creditor organizations and nations, worldwide.


You can help businesses and governments to pay off any amount of debt they owe any organization in 24 hours without spending from their cash or foreign exchange reserve through a Government trade exchange.

You can assist Governments and wholly owned state enterprises to leverage barter, offsets and countertrade for large-scale import transactions.

You can assist Governments to meet the ever increasing challenge of being able to increase economic growth in a period of high competition and market globalization.


A GOVERNMENT EXCHANGE is a global platform that connects and facilitates trade and financial transactions between banks, financial institutions, creditors’ organizations, debtors, investors, relevant government agencies, and specialists in such fields as commodity trading, defense, banking, law, shipping, and trade credit insurance as well as for all those involved in countertrade, offset and related activities.

It also helps in the process of offsetting, offloading, buying, selling and/or investing in existing loans, and new loan origination.

A government trade exchange is an independent service provider, consultant, facilitator and trainer in countertrade, offset and public-private partnership projects.

The Government trade exchange offers services such as Tolling, Alternative Funding, Barter, Community Currencies, Counter-trade, Debt swaps, Green Initiatives, Government Trade, Media Barter, Monetizing Surpluses, Switch Trading, Offset Trade etc.

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